President’s Report – VMWS Newsletter, October 2016

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Dear Members,

Welcome to our October newsletter.

I commend to you the articles commenting on our event about doctors’ roles in preventing domestic violence by Ms Lydia Stefano, Sarah Kari’s observations on doctor-patient interaction, and Dr Claire Felmingham’s articles on environmental health, and feminist writing relevant to doctors.  We are still campaigning about gender including LGTBIQ (1) issues, in both professional relationships, and for patient care, and Mr John Lee, Austin medical student, reports.

We have invited Merrilyn Murnane to address us about Constance Stone.  I look forward to catching up at our AGM.  As we have some vacant portfolios, I hope some of you will join our committee.

Kind regards,

Deb Colville

1. LGBTIQ: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex and Queer


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